An Ear Trainer by R. Grothmann

Installation des erforderlichen Zertifikats

The applet on this page is a simple, but effective trainer to sing prima vista for musicians, especially for singers. There are two types of training

The melodies are generated by random with an algorithm. At this point, the program uses only quarters.

To start the program, you need a recent version of Java. If the program reports errors, get the most recent version of Java from Sun's pages and install it as administrator. Some Java versions did not contain midi sounds. If you cannot hear anything, download and install one of the sound banks available from Sun.

  Kein Java?

You can use the program locally. Download the archive, save it on your computer and start with a double click.

The start button opens a window looking like the one on the top right. There are three areas for user input.

All menu options can also be reached by the icon bar. To get more information about an icon, hold the mouse over it for a while.

When you click on this tool, the program creates a melody to be read and plays the first note. Try to sing this melody.
This tool create a melody to be entered with the keyboard.
Plays the first note of the melody. This is to give you a new start to sing from.
Plays all of the melody. This is to check your singing, or to listen to the melody once more.
Switches between clefs
Enharmonic interpretation of the keyboard.
7 Length of the melody.
T1 Type and difficulty of the melody. T for major, M for minor, and X for chromatic melodies.
C Key of the melody.
Deletes the last note.
Deletes the melody.
Exits the program.